Bedding Plants

Here at Barn Farm Plants we pride ourselves on our quality plants that have been grown here on site with the utmost care and attention.

You can be sure that our summer and winter bedding plants are of superior quality that are healthy and will give you plenty of months of colour.

You’ll be amazed at our range and quality of summer basket and bedding plants which we sell and we also use these in the hanging baskets that we create here.


Regular fresh deliveries of popular herbs start to arrive in March and continue through to summer, these are ideal for window boxes, containers or simply planting in the garden. What could be better than fresh herbs when cooking!

Vegetable Plants

Create your own fresh tasty garden with our vegetable plants. These are handy and ideal to plant direct into your garden, salad bags, pots or containers from March onwards.

Potted Bulbs

January brings potted spring flowering bulbs. Why not add a splash of colour and cheer up your window boxes, baskets, containers or patio pots.

House Plants

All year we have a small section of house plants with a much larger selection for Mother’s Day and Christmas. Here you’ll see planted baskets and arrangements.

We also offer all year a free gift wrapping service on any plants that you purchased here.