Why Not Grow Your Own…

You’ll find we have all you’ll need to…

Prepare, plant, care and harvest your crop!

You don’t need a large garden with a vegetable plot, some veg can be grow in containers and growbags on a patio.

If you have a vegetable garden then crop rotation each season is the best way to avoid pest and diseases.

As well as the pest and diseases some vegetables require more nutrients than others – so another reason to avoid the same crop in the same place each year.

April is a good time to get sorted, we have vegetable plants in stock, but many of these still need protecting from cold weather and frosts.

Broad beans can be planted outside this month along with brassicas like sprouting, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels.  You may need to put a net over these to protect from birds.

Carrots, parsnips and root veg are ideally grown from seed and sown directly into the garden soil once the soil has warmed up.  If you find you’ve sown too much seed,  you can always thin the row out once they start to grow.

Seed potatoes can be planted now.

keep weeds down as much as possible and keep your plants well watered.

Enjoy your crop!