Why not plant a herb garden…

Creating your own herb garden can be great fun and rewarding as well as delicious!

Location is important as most herbs need plenty of sun and well drained soil and ideally near the house for convenience when picking.

If this isn’t possible, then why not plant them in a container, pot or trough and place near the house.  Just remember that mint will need its own pot as this tends to spread!

If planting in a pot then a multi-purpose with John Innes or John Innes no2 would be good for this and its always a good idea to top the container with grit. Not only does this look good it helps to keep the herb leaves clean from soil splashes when it rains.

If planting direct into the garden, its best not to work in farm yard manure as this can be too high in nitrogen, making the herbs grow quickly and spoiling their flavour.

Remember to keep harvesting as this will encourage new growth and at the end of the season why not freeze any surplus to enjoy over the coming months!